The Vitus Bering Theatre

- was founded in 2004, when Sejer Andersen created the theatre's first production :

"... and here I lie like some other idiot" - a theatre and music performance about VITUS BERING: Russian czar Peter's Danish born admiral whom he appointed to find America from Siberia across the Pacific Ocean. Bering succeeded in doing so, and has later been referred to as “the Czar’s Danish Columbus”. A film version is on YOUTUBE



Sejer Andersen delivers a beautiful death dirge to Vitus Bering's gangrenous body.

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Admiral Vitus Bering's last hour as told by Sejer Andersen was filmed in Alaska in November 2008.

Manuscript: Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld.

Composer and director: Bo Holten, Copenhagen and Brussels.

Choir: Musica Ficta, Copenhagen.

Director: Dave Hunsaker, Alaska

Photographer: Joel Bennett, Alaska

Concept and acting: Sejer Andersen, Copenhagen


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Since its start, the theatre has amplified its repertory. Sejer Andersen's Opus I and II are based on his age-long coexistence with the world of performers, as wel as on his collections of poems in Danish and French: "Et sommerfuglekys" - "Un baiser de papillon".


Opus I: "Forår i København" - "Springtime in Copenhagen"

- a poetical musical play, featuring a poet and a soprano. They meet by chance on the shore of the poet's favorite lake, they get to know each other well during still more confident conversations, interwoven with arias from great classical operas.


Further information (in Danish) and photos Flyer for Opus I.


Opus II "Dine læber hvisker i mit øre" "Your lips whisper into my ear"

This second part of the encounters between the poet and the singer, had its first night at the Court theatre in 2014 - a festive way to celebrate the Vitus Bering Theatre's tenth anniversary.



On a variety of occasions, delighted audiences have enjoyed the charm of the French Café Concert tradition, while attending Sejer Andersen's cabaret productions, such as "Diva med Gorilla", "Franske Stemninger" et most recently, "Cabaret hos Maria" in the month of January of 2015.